“One of the most influencial people
in the world of food”

Time Magazine

“Nobody in the world
makes restaurants like Albert Adrià”


“Albert has had the misfortune of being my brother.
I really think he is the best chef I’ve ever known”

Ferran Adrià


Albert Adrià has all the ingredients of a creative genius.
Playing a key role in the creation of elBulli,
the greatest restaurant in history, wasn't enough.
Escaping the shadow of his famous brother Ferran,
Albert is seeking his own success.

Fact Sheet

Genre: Documentary
Length: 60-90 minutes
Format: 16:9 (2.35:1 Letterbox)
Status: In production
Release: 2017

A Trueday Films production
In coproduction with Televisió de Catalunya and Alexandra Film
Based on an idea by Unto
With the support of the Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals and the Estonian Film Institute
With the collaboration of Damm and Lavazza

Executive Producer: Laura Collado, Marianne Ostrat
Executive Director TVC: Joan Salvat
Executive Producer TVC: Muntsa Tarrés
Producer: Laura Collado
Directors: Laura Collado, Jim Loomis
Cinematographer and Editor: Jim Loomis
Camera: Jim Loomis, Manu Benavente, Antonio Pérez Molero, Matthew Murdock
Music: Arian Levin
Graphic Design: David Martínez


The most important revolution in culinary history took place in a remote cove on the Catalan coast. The Big Bang of creative discovery that was elBulli sparked from the minds of two brothers from a poor suburb of Barcelona, and gave birth to a new gastronomic universe. Since then the name Adrià has become synonymous of creativity.

Ferran is the famous maestro people know, however, with 29 years of a brilliant career behind him, the only recognition Albert has achieved is that of being the most underrated chef in the world.

At just fifteen, without vocation or aspiration, Albert reluctantly started working with his brother. He soon found in cuisine a blank canvas on which to experiment and express his previously untapped creativity. A character full of contradiction, Albert’s career progressed far from the media spotlight that shone on Ferran during the rise of elBulli.

A self-proclaimed outsider, Albert has never sought fame and fortune. He concentrated in fighting the monsters of pure creativity, leading elBarri Taller, the R&D department that came up with the innovations and techniques which lead elBulli to the pinacle of global cuisine.

Two years after elBulli closed its doors, Albert is in the midst of a herculean creative adventure. In Parallel, Barcelona’s crumbling theatre district, Albert is building a gastronomic mile.

At the heart of this growing empire is Tickets, a restaurant in which nothing is impossible, elevating the humble tapas to haute-cuisine. Next door 41° shines with a special light. Conceived as a mini elBulli seating just sixteen fortunate dinners, it explores the heights of culinary creativity. Albert’s fertile vision does not stop there: Pakta, japanese-peruvian fusion with the Adrià stamp; Bodega1900, a homage to Catalan vermouth culture; Hoja Santa, an immersion into the depths of traditional mexican cuisine; and Enigma, his most ambitious project, and the one he hopes to turn into one of the best restaurants in the world.

Each very different from the other, they all bear his personal signature. This is Albert’s proclamation of self-assurance, his attempt to escape the shadow of his famous brother and enter the Pantheon of great chefs. This is Albert constructing himself.



October 2016

New website launch

We are coming to the end of the shoot for Constructing Albert and the film is taking shape in the edit suite.

The moment has come to prepare ourselves for the release of the film and what better way to do so than updating the image of Constructing Albert and renewing the website.

On the website we share with you news about the film as it happens, new video teasers and information on how and when you will be able to see the film, stills from the film and photos of the shoot… you also have a place to leave comments and questions or subscribe to updates.  We would love you to get in touch.

David Martínez has designed the new look of the film, creating a concept based on the expression of determination our protagonist so often carries. An image that brings to mind a tenacious character standing between light and shadow.

Now that I think about it it’s not that different from the large portrait Albert has in his apartment, an image of an illusionist, a man who can create magic for us all to enjoy.


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